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FORBS Santas Holiday Jobs Clearinghouse

 FORBSantas Holiday Jobs Clearinghouse on Facebook

  This is a FORBS members only page & you must be a member of FORBS to access and post on this page. We ask all of our members and associates that work as agents to not take work away from our members.  Take events for yourselves, but do not take jobs on this board and book them with non-member Santas  - PLEASE! You also need to have a Facebook account, to use this benefit!

FORBSantas Holiday Jobs Clearinghouse helps members share gigs with one another simply & securely. If you receive a Santa Request you cannot personally fill, you may still help that client hire a FORBS member-- ensuring them a professional Santa with a clean background check, peer support & professional training!' If you still have time slots available in your Holiday Calendar, be sure to adjust your settings so that you receive notifications immediately-- even to your mobile device!


Also there is no need to reply stating that you can not fill a position because you are already booked for something else on the date offered!

This is located on Google plus so you need to have a Google account in order to access  the site. Note: also that this one is open to any former member even those not in the tri-state area.
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You can select free shipping as long as you enter FORBS in the "coupon" box.
Join FORBS Today

Join FORBS Today


 2018 DUES. Existing members, Your current dues are good until October 31, 2017, but if you want to get purchasing your insurance and back ground check out of the way early, you must pay your 2018 dues to be a member in good standing in November and December. Or if you just want to have your dues paid ahead so you don't have to think about it when things get busy. We are now accepting 2018 dues.  For any new members, if you join as a new member now, your dues are good until October 31, 2018
FORBS background check 

FORBS Santas
Background Check
good for 2 years
FORBS Santa Insurance  

FORBS Santas Insurance
Santa Insurance is OPTIONAL not REQUIRED for membership

 "FORBS continues to develop new & better benefits
to support the professional Santa"