FORBS 501(c)7 WeblogoThe Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas

FORBS Goals & Tenets

Membership shall be contingent upon agreement & compliance with each of the following:

A. We endeavor to foster a reverence for the Spirit of Christmas & respect for all
    children, without regard to race, creed or religious denomination

B. We pledge to provide professional Santa services to community service organizations
    including (but not limited to) Boys & Girls Clubs, Scout groups, hospitals, churches, etc.

C. We pledge to maintain a positive Santa persona at all times when we are in public

D. We pledge to recommend fellow members for appearances we cannot accept, and to
    support our group's efforts to serve the best interests of children & the community

E. We pledge to respect & encourage each member's approach to being Santa, and to
     seek enhancement of our own skills & enjoyment through peer training & support

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