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FORBS Santas Background Check $19.95

In order to get your Background check and Insurance you need to join and pay your dues, even if you were a life member of the old group.

 As stated in the FORBS  Bylaws.


Section 1: Member Qualifications

A FORBS Member In Good Standing (MIGS) shall be defined as:

 A. As any resident of California, Nevada or Arizona who:

  1. Grows & maintains a real beard for the purpose of portraying Santa Claus

  2. Subscribes to FORBS Goals & Tenets as defined in Article II, Section 2

  3.  Submits a government-issued photo ID or facsimile thereof

  4.  Provides FORBS with a clean background check including:

a) Social Security Identification Verification

b)  State & County of Residence Criminal Database clearance for:

i.  crimes of violence, including domestic (10-yr minimum)

ii. crimes involving weapons (10-yr minimum)

iii. any offense designated as a "Hate Crime"

c)  National Sex Offenders Database clearance

B. Any person who satisfies all other requirements of this section and also attends 
one or more of our annual Santa Reunion Luncheons, regardless of place of residence.

Background checks are available from IntelleCorpat a cost of $19.95 if there are any additional costs (some counties charge extra) the form will notify you before you pay.
This is a self-pay process and you will need a password to get access past the first page. Once the background check is complete the report is sent to FORBS and we will send it to you.

Authorization to Obtain Consumer Report for Background Check

[NOTE: The FORBS Santas Background Check is available only to members & associates.]

I authorize the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS) and IntelliCorp to complete a criminal history and sex offender record check as received from the reporting agencies and authorized investigators. I understand that this information will be used, in part, to determine my eligibility as a member or officer of the FORBS. Subject to state and industry-specific regulations, I also understand that as long as I remain a member or an officer of FORBS, the criminal history and sex offender records check may be repeated at any time. I understand that if FORBS chooses not to accept me as a member or officer based on the report - that I will receive from FORBS:
 (a) a summary of my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and
(b) contact information for the reporting agency, IntelliCorp.

    I, _______________________  the undersigned, do hereby release FORBS and its investigators from any & all liability related to the procurement and/or disclosure of information provided by me or obtained about me in connection with this background check. I direct and authorize investigators to conduct the background check and further authorize any third parties who may be custodians of the required information, to disclose such information to FORBS and its investigators. I agree to hold FORBS blameless and to specifically indemnify it from any action, charges, liabilities, claims & demands arising from, or otherwise related to, this background check.
Enter Information
I understand that the use of my Social Security number on the criminal Background Check shall be used for no other purpose than to conduct this Background Check; furthermore, I understand that my Social Security number shall not be sold or transferred in any way to a third party except for the express purpose of conducting this Background Check.

A password and link will be provided for you to get a background check, when your membership application and dues have been received, & requirements verified.

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