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Joining The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas

The Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS) exists for the purpose of providing social interaction & professional peer support to those individuals who know the blessings & burdens of portraying the image of Santa Claus every day of their lives; our members & associates promote the positive image of Santa and serve the community by providing Santa services for as many community service groups and organizations as possible. We seek to enhance the spirit of Christmas and the joy of being Santa by fostering the spirit of fellowship among our members with social events throughout the year.

From our bylaws is Section 1: Member Qualifications

A FORBS Member In Good Standing (MIGS) shall be defined as:

 A. As any Santa in the United States who:

  1. Grows & maintains a real beard for the purpose of portraying Santa Claus

  2. Subscribes to FORBS Goals & Tenets as defined in Article II, Section 2

  3.  Submits a government-issued photo ID or facsimile thereof

  4.  Provides FORBS with a clean background check including:

a) Social Security Identification Verification

b)  State & County of Residence Criminal Database clearance for:

i.  crimes of violence, including domestic (10-yr minimum)

ii. crimes involving weapons (10-yr minimum)

iii. any offense designated as a "Hate Crime"

c)  National Sex Offenders Database clearance

B. Any person who satisfies all other requirements of this section and also attends 
one or more of our annual Santa Reunion Luncheons, regardless of place of residence.

Our bylaws have been changed by a vote of our membership to include having those that attend our Annual Santa Reunion and meet the requirements of membership with the exception of residence be able to join FORBS.


What this means is that if you are from another state outside of our regional  area of California, Arizona & Nevada and attended the 20th Annual Santa Reunion (or any following Annual Santa Reunion) & meet our other requirements you can join FORBS.


FORBS shall maintain an accurate membership roster which shall indicate full names, voting status & contact information for all dues-paying members (Cal Corp Codes 12600-12608); this roster shall also be archived in the safety and security of a password-protected Santa social network FORBS-MIGS so that members can more quickly & easily recommend fellow professionals for appearances to which they themselves might be unavailable. This site also enables members & associates to receive congratulatory messages on the occasion of such personal milestones as anniversaries, birthdays (MM/DD only), etc.— and to share with one another their favorite photos, videos, press clippings— even to safely note their location on our Member Map, away from the prying eyes of the media or the public...

  Member shall be responsible for payment of $25 Registration Fee, and the same amount annually thereafter in dues— except for Life Members of the former national organization still residing in our tri-state region, who shall be exempt from dues following initial

  To ensure roster accuracy, all members & associates must verify their personal information annually by submitting a Membership Renewal form, regardless of dues classification

Questions, please feel free to email our Membership Chairperson at

Want to join and pay now?

In order to get your Background check and Insurance you need to join and pay your dues, even if you were a life member of the old group.
Bylaws. Article III Membership

Section 3: Dues

MIGS are responsible for payment of annual dues:
C. Upon registration & payment of initial dues, any Lifetime Member of the international organization formerly known as FORBS currently residing in California, Arizona or Nevada may thenceforth suspend payment of annual dues; no new Lifetime Memberships shall be made available.

For those that want a PDF of the registration form click here.

Background Checks
Santa Insurance
Santa Insurance is OPTIONAL not REQUIRED for membership