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A Note about posting to the
FORBSantas Holiday Jobs Clearinghouse on Facebook.
Please do so if you have something that you can not cover, but please do not immediately also post on the FORBSantas Facebook page which is an open page to everyone whereas the FORBSantas Holiday Jobs Clearinghouse page is for FORBS Santas only. By posting to the FORBSantas Holiday Jobs Clearinghouse page you are giving your fellow FORBS members a chance to cover for you, but from the FORBSantas page anyone out there might get the gig.

The system worked pretty well last year and jobs were covered rather quickly for the most part, but please remember that if you cover something posted on the board to say so by posting a message back  so that  others can know that it is covered, if you attempt to  fill a job that has been covered please let the community know that it is covered so we can get all events covered.

Monthly Chapter meetings / Events can be found here.

The reunion is approaching fast,
 Have you made your room reservations yet?

Sheraton Mission Valley

1433 Camino Del Rio South
San Diego, California 92108
United States

Phone: 619 260 0111


FORBSantas Holiday Jobs Clearinghouse on Facebook

  This is a FORBS members only page & you must be a member of FORBS to access and post on this page. You also need to have a FaceBook account!

FORBSantas Holiday Jobs Clearinghouse helps members share gigs with one another simply & securely.
If you receive a Santa Request you cannot personally fill, you may still help that client hire a FORBS member-- ensuring them a professional Santa with a clean background check, peer support & professional training!'
If you still have time slots available in your Holiday Calendar, be sure to adjust your settings so that you receive notifications immediately-- even to your mobile device!


Also there is no need to reply stating that you can not fill a position because you are already booked for something else on the date offered!

FORBS Community Service
Santa, You Ever Do "Pro Bono" Work? 
Report Your Community Service! Santas are givers. That's a fact.
Most of us donate our at least a portion of our time each Season to be Santa for
qualified needy individuals or organizations in our communities.

After 60 days the bylaws change passes with an 85% yes vote.
We will now except members from outside the tri-state region as long as the applicant meets all other requirements and attends our Santa Reunion.  Click the Bylaws link above

It's time to renew your memberships if you have not already done so.

FORBS Membership Renewal

2012 Form 990

FORBS trademarked logo Our logo is now trademarked to the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas.   Also we have our tax exempt status so we are now officially a
501 (c) 7 non-profit organization.

20th Annual Santa Reunion Promotional Video FORBS 19th Annual Santa Reunion 2013

Good News:
The luncheon Books are finished and ready to be mailed. We have 18 
extra Memory books & we will offer them at $26.00 which is what everybody else paid for them.

Santas of the OC, Inland Empire, and the San Diego Santas each of these three chapters have decided to do a "Special Christmas" charity event of some sort. They are going to adopt a family , or support a group, or some community service charitable function. 

The FORBS MIGS ning site has been deactivated due to its high cost to maintain & a replacement has been put up at no cost. To access the site visit and signup at  click here. FORBS MIGS


From the OC Register From the OC Register of  Monday 28 Jan 2013

Photos and a video from the OC Register can be accessed from the following links:

The Orange County Register 27 January 2013
   Santas keep the jolly rolling their off season

The orange County Register 30 January 2013 Johnson:
   Among 100 Santas nice is plentiful

A Slideshow from the Orange County Weekly
27 January 2013 Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas Post-Holiday Luncheon 2013

Animated Christmas Lights

Name Badges are now available for FORBS  
You can select free shipping as long as you
enter FORBS in the "coupon" box.
FORBS Name Badge

Background Checks available for only $19.95

Santa Insurance with Sexual/Physical Abuse & Molestation coverage has 2 options

Click on Join in the navigation bar above or on the text link below.
 Start the background check and insurance now. The season is fast approaching.

    Note to any Lifetime Members of the international organization formerly known as FORBS currently residing in California, Arizona or Nevada. Your fees were paid to the old organization not to the current association. It was decided that for those life members that want to join this regional association that there would be a one time fee (equal to a one year membership of $25.00).
   From the current bylaws are the membership qualifications and dues information. Life members take note of section 3 C Article III - MEMBERSHIP

Section 1: Member Qualifications
 A. As any resident of California, Nevada or Arizona who:

  1. Grows & maintains a real beard for the purpose of portraying Santa Claus

  2. Subscribes to FORBS Goals & Tenets as defined in
    Article II, Section 2

  3.  Submits a government-issued photo ID or facsimile thereof

  4.  Provides FORBS with a clean background check including:

a) Social Security Identification Verification

b)  State & County of Residence Criminal Database clearance for:

i.  crimes of violence, including domestic (10-yr minimum)

ii. crimes involving weapons (10-yr minimum)

iii. any offense designated as a "Hate Crime"

c)  National Sex Offenders Database clearance

B. Any person who satisfies all other requirements of this section and also attends 
one or more of our annual Santa Reunion Luncheons, regardless of place of residence.

Section 2: Associate Qualifications
A FORBS Associate Member shall be defined as:
   A.      The spouse or significant other of a MIGS
   B.      Any performer who regularly appears with a MIGS as Mrs. Claus or an Elf
   C.      Any surviving Associate who maintains payment of dues for a deceased MIGS in accordance with Article III, Section 3

Section 3: Dues
MIGS are responsible for payment of annual dues:
   A.      Dues shall be assessed & payable by each MIGS on October 1st of each calendar year
   B.      Dues submitted for any new member registering after August 1st shall be considered current until October 1st of the following year.
   C.      Upon registration & payment of initial dues, any Lifetime Member of the international organization formerly known as FORBS currently residing in California, Arizona or Nevada may thenceforth suspend payment of annual dues; no new Lifetime Memberships shall be made available