the fraternal order of real bearded santas

A 501(c) Devoted To The Professional Claus

We're The Pioneers Of The Real Bearded Santa World!

Our Annual Reunion Is The
RBS World's Birthday Party!!

Throughout The Years, We've Kept Our Eyes On The Prize:

FORBS Annual Santa Reunion
Our Annual Santa Reunion will celebrate its 28th Anniversary in January 2021 with a full three-day weekend of food, fun, fashion & teaching the fundamentals of Being Santa!

But Do You Know How It All Started -- NEARLY A QUARTER-CENTURY AGO?
OTTO Commercial
FORBS Member Benefits

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A Non-Profit Fraternity Supporting The Professional Santa!

We've assembled the greatest benefits package

the professional Santa world has ever seen!

Take  Santa Liability Insurance , for example: 

Did you know we pioneered modern Santa Insurance? 

  Before 2008, the closest a professional Santa could come to legal protection was to piggy-back on a policy for clowns-- a policy which provided no protection against allegations of Abuse or Molestation...

 That was ALSO our idea! 

A number of Santa organizations and booking agencies offer copies of our professional Santa Insurance policybut we can offer you the ORIGINAL-- and it's still provided by Karcher-Campbell & Philadelphia Insurance.

It offers individual coverage of up to $4 MILLION --and unlike some policies which share that among all clients, that is yours alone!

 AND you're safe from allegations of Abuse or Molestation! 

(Requires clean FORBSantas Background Check)

FORBS Background Check

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