the fraternal order of real bearded santas

A 501(c) Devoted To The Professional Claus

Scrivener Elf RecliningHi there! I'm Scrivener Elf...

I've been with Santa for a long, LONG time!!  Helped the Big Guy put together the first Naughty/Nice list-- and when we opened the North Pole Annex, I was first Postmaster!!

Nowadays, I spend most of my time helping Santa figure out this new-fangled INTERNET!  Mrs. Claus and the other elves use it all the time & Santa's getting better every day!


So you think you might wanna join FORBS?

That's GREAT - I can hook you up!

Membership Requirements

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Section 1: Membership Qualifications

A FORBS Member In Good Standing (MIGS) shall be defined as a resident of the United States who:

A.  Grows & maintains a real beard for the purpose of portraying Santa Claus

B.  Subscribes to FORBS Goals & Tenets as defined in Art. II, Sect. 2

C.  Submits a government-issued photo ID or facsimile thereof

D.  Provides FORBS with a clean background check including:

a) Social Security Identification Verification

b)  State & County of Residence Criminal Database clearance for:

i.  crimes of violence, including domestic  (10-yr minimum)

ii. crimes involving weapons  (10-yr minimum)

iii. any offense designated as a "Hate Crime"

c)  National Sex Offenders Database clearance

  Section 2: Associate Qualifications

A FORBS Associate shall be defined as:

A.      The spouse or significant other of a MIGS

B.      Any performer who regularly appears with a MIGS as Mrs. Claus or an Elf

C.      Any surviving Associate of a deceased MIGS may continue in that status so long as they attend a minimum of three (3) FORBS events per year.

 Section 3: Dues

MIGS are responsible for payment of annual dues:

A.      Dues shall be assessed & payable by each MIGS on October 1st of each calendar year

B.      Dues submitted for any new member registering after August 1st shall be considered current until October 1st of the following year.

C.      Upon registration & payment of initial dues, any Lifetime Member of the international organization formerly known as FORBS may thenceforth suspend payment of annual dues; no new Lifetime Memberships shall be made available

 Section 4: Attendance & Voting

A.      All MIGS & Associates may attend FORBS general meetings & public events

B.      A MIGS may cast one (1) ballot in any FORBS election

C.      Associate Members shall not vote

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  Fun Fact: We INVENTED modern Santa Insurance for our members, back in 2008!!   
FORBS Provides Our Members & Associates With The
Greatest Benefits The Professional Claus Has Ever Seen!!
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